A Family Law Handbook for Pilipina Domestic Workers and Caregivers

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Link: http://www.onefamilylaw.ca/doc/FLEW_booklet_metrac_domestic_worker_en.pdf
Org: Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC)
Date: 2009

This booklet has information on Ontario family law and how it can affect immigrant women, their partners or spouses, and their children. It also deals with issues such as family violence and immigration status. There is a section on alternate dispute resolution and a list of community resources.


The booklet gives information on Ontario's family law and how it can affect domestic workers, caregivers, and their children in situations of marriage, sponsorship, separation, and family breakdown or in cases where they have faced or are facing abuse. It provides definitions of abuse and places where women can go for help.

Women coming to Canada under the LCP receive temporary worker status and must live and work in their employer?s homes for a period of two (2) years before they can apply for permanent residency. This lack of status and the personal and private nature of their work leave domestic workers and caregivers vulnerable to isolation and abuse in their relationships with partners, spouses, and employers.

Whether they live and work in urban, suburban and rural areas, domestic workers and caregivers often have little or no access to information about basic Canadian law. The author's hope is that the information in this handbook will help domestic workers to know their rights under family law and know how to exercise them to stay safe.

The quotes and stories throughout the book are based on what domestic workers and caregivers and their service providers have shared with us. Names and exact circumstances of the women have been changed to protect their privacy and confidentiality.

Although this booklet was written for Pilipina domestic workers and caregivers, it has information that other immigrant women might find useful.

Legal Note

The information in this booklet is general legal information only. The authors hope it will help women understand the basics of how family law processes work. It is very important for women to get a lawyer for legal advice about their own situation.

Note: throughout this handbook we refer to domestic workers and caregivers as women.

Download A Family Law Handbook for Pilipina Domestic Workers and Caregivers in PDF format.