Organizational Development

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Organizational Development

Compass.jpgOrganizational Development is a process in which structural changes are made as part of a broader learning, monitoring, and evaluation framework that responds to and anticipates the evolving needs of an organization. Inherent in this process is the act of leveraging resources in a sustainable manner to positively impact and benefit stakeholders.

Important Resources

The websites below offer a wide array of services related to organizational development including useful collections of documents, guides and online assessments.

Orgwise: Organizations Standards

OrgWise, a project of OCASI, is confidential, easy to use, and provides comprehensive reports and charts for organizational development.

  • If your agency is established, OrgWise is an effective planning and evaluation tool.
  • If your agency is small, OrgWise helps you identify key systems, policies and practices that will help your organization grow.

HR Toolkit

The HR Toolkit is a comprehensive online resource designed to help managers, employees and board members better understand, address and manage issues relating to HR in nonprofits.


Maytree Foundation's Diversity Board Mentoring Handbook (2008) provides information on how to set up a mentoring program for new board members and includes a toolkit, program and activity outlines, and evaluation techniques. The program outlined is a "semi-structured, one-on-one mentoring relationship between a new board member and a more experienced board member that takes place face-to-face, via telephone and on-line over a six month period for a total of nine hours."

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