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Clients.jpg Settlement workers need to have knowledge about issues specific to seniors in order to understand their needs and connect them with appropriate services.

Quick Facts

Concepts, Skills & Terminology

Discover important concepts, definitions and terms relating to seniors.


  • Aging in place
Concept supporting the aging process in a residential environment with the goal of maintaining independence with dignity in a safe and comfortable environment - Ontario Seniors' Secretariat
  • Elder abuse
Mistreatment of or violence toward seniors including physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial abuse, or neglect - Seniors Canada
  • Long-term care home
Provides care and services for people who no longer are able to live independently or who require onsite nursing care, 24-hour supervision or personal support - Ontario Seniors' Secretariat
  • Retirement home
Privately owned rental accommodation for seniors who are able to manage and pay for their own care, generally designed for seniors who need minimal to moderate support with their daily living activities - Ontario Seniors' Secretariat

How to Learn More

40px-Crystal package settings.png Featured Resource! Diversity in Action: A Toolkit for Residential Settings for Seniors

Further your knowledge with practical guides, best practices, projects and research.

Find out how to become qualified to work in the field through online or classroom-based training.


Individual and in-house group training for staff from immigrant service agencies whose positions are funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI)

Best Practices/Practical Guides

40px-Crystal package settings.png Featured Resource! A Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario
Finding Your Way is a program that offers practical tips and resources on how people with dementia can stay safe while staying active. It shows how to best deal with the risk of going missing.

Related Projects/Initiatives

Further Reading

This resource has links to the Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services, a list of organizations that may be useful if there is conflict between grandparents and parents.

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